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'If and only if"

Ruby SohoRuby Soho Monthly Member
edited November 2013 in General 106 karma
Does anyone have the link to the lesson reviewing "if and only if" ?



  • Ruby SohoRuby Soho Monthly Member
    106 karma
    Thank you JY =))
  • AJ LAJ L Member
    edited November 2013 24 karma
    I've been noticing a lot of biconditionals in the rules of the logic games in the 50s PTs so far, and I believe the wording goes something like this:

    Either A or B, and not both
    indicates A<-->/B
    same as A->/B and /A->B

    If A then B otherwise not B.
    indicates A<-->B and /A<-->/B
    same as B<-->A and /B<-->/A

    I hope I did that right.

    Is there any other wording that would indicate biconditional?

    Thank you JY for the LG videos they are SO helpful and much better diagrams than other books.
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