Help - Should I take the January 2023 LSAT?

carlosd18carlosd18 Monthly Member
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I'm planning on taking the LSAT in January 2023, yet I'm not finished with the core curriculum. Should I still take it regardless if I finish? This will be my first time taking the LSAT.


  • blanklawblanklaw Alum Member
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    No! Best to reschedule until you feel confident and ready to take the test

  • ConstantineConstantine Alum Member
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    @blanklaw said:
    No! Best to reschedule until you feel confident and ready to take the test

    Totally agreed!

  • YesiTheLawyerYesiTheLawyer Monthly + Live Member
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    I am on the same boat and this won't be my first time. I think taking as much time as possible is best.

  • matinhajimatinhaji Alum Member
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    absolutely not. Unless you are a phenom you will not get a good score in 2 months.

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    Agreed with previous commenters. There's almost no circumstances in which the Jan LSAT would be a good idea. If you wrap up mid-December and start PT'ing and routinely score above your target score, then sure, go ahead. Depending on your diagnostic and target score, that may be totally manageable or nearly impossible. 150 diagnostic with 155 target score? Yeah, you can probably swing that. 155 diagnostic/165 target score? Very unlikely. And any 170+ target score is nearly impossible unless you went nearly perfect on your diagnostic LR and RC.

    All of these scenarios have their exceptions, of course, but these are some common anchor points, so hopefully that gives you something close to your situation for you to go on.

  • basedinviennabasedinvienna Alum Member
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    I disagree. I believe January is an option, regardless of whether or not you complete the core curriculum. In any case, your goal score, and diagnostic will indicate whether you can make January work. Ultimately, in 2 months you can increase your score by a significant amount. I wouldn't be too discouraged!

  • Matthew19941Matthew19941 Monthly Member
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    Everyone's circumstances and abilities are different so do what's best for you. I'll be taking it and have not done any practice tests since I last took it in August 2021. I'm wrapping up reading the PowerScore LSAT Bibles along with some 7sage curriculum, so I probably won't start for another week. The only difference for me in why I'm more confident of getting a better score is I will have accommodations for my disabilities this time in January so I'm okay if I get a later start on practice tests.

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