I just wanted to share a sub 170 success story for us non genius types haha.

I originally used Kahn Academy and had a 149 diagnostic, I was absolutely terrible at games… like -15. Somehow I heard about 7Sage and have been on here for over a year and a half.

I studied hard for 4 months and got 154 on Nov 202, even a with strong GPA that got me rejected from all 8 schools I applied to in Canada. That sucked ngl.

In late June 2022 I decided to use every bit of extra cash I had, and some frankly I didn’t have(shout out Visa lol) and put off any extra spending on vacations, sporting events, etc. to get sessions with a 7Sage tutor. This frankly made a huge difference in my ability to hone in on strong study habits and motivated me when I was struggling to find it within myself. I can’t recommend James Marmaduke with 7Sage enough, he gave me drills, a plan, and realistic feedback on my goals. I wanted to hit at least 160, preferably somewhere in the low to mid 160 range.

On October 2022 I scored a 160 which I was happy with. But I knew I could do a bit better based on my PTs and that my 160 would be borderline to get accepted to my first choice schools I am applying to with 163-164 Medians.

I took November’s exam and got a 163 which I am ecstatic about! It’s take a long time but I’m stoked to go from a 149 diagnostic to a 163.

I hope everyone got the scores they were looking for yesterday and best of luck to all the 7Sage ppl applying this cycle. This has been a great resource and a big part of that is the community. Hopefully someone in the 140s reads this and is inspired.



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