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I'm trying to understand why did JY break the "contrapositive rule"when mapping out the first two rules?

Rule 1: If 2 C's and Min1 L same vote --> both moderates same vote

Then as his contrapositive, he just negated the sufficient and necessary without swapping their positions? I thought we are never allowed to do that.

For example, the typical contra positive is (A -> B) and (/B -> A)
But here he did (CC L same --> MM same) and (/CC L same --> /M same)

I understand the rule itself. If 2C and Min 1L are in, both M is in as well. And if either there is no 2C or min 1 L together, then the two Ms are floaters. Is this correct?

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    You are right, you cannot just negate the sufficient. But JY did that to show us what the rule means. The rule says "if 2C and at least 1 L voted the same way then both M's voted that way as well". This rule is a little different than how you would interpret your regular in/out rule because voting the same way could mean CCL voted against (i.e. the out group). So this is why JY represented it like /CCL --> /MM to show us that if CCL vote against then MM also vote against. JY didn't make a mistake, he just showed us 2 scenarios of what the rule will look like if the CCL voted the same way.

    As for your second question, if we fail the sufficient, then the rule becomes irrelevant. So you are correct to say the M's will become floaters.

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