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LG- Good at inferences, bad at diagramming

rachaelbackusrachaelbackus Alum Member

Hey everyone,

The title says it all. I'm hardcore struggling with LG right now. Specifically on in/out games. I would say I'm pretty good at getting the inferences of a game once a good base diagram is drawn, but I am not getting the hang of drawing accurate game boards. This might just be a problem for in/out games, because when I did the sequencing lessons I got the hang of those fairly quickly. Any advice? I know once I have an accurate game board, everything else clicks.

Any tips or tricks for drawing accurate game boards would be super appreciated! Thank you.


  • blanklawblanklaw Alum Member
    463 karma

    What helped me most was taking everything super literally and really understanding how my board and rules were creating the full picture I wanted.
    For example, I liked tailoring the game boards to meet a more visual standard for representing all the information

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