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Reading Comp Tips?

funkytowelsfunkytowels Monthly Member

Hi all!

I am currently scoring in the high 150's and am writing the January LSAT. My highest PT is a 162, and typically BR is ranging around a 165. I would really like to score in the 160's in January, but reading comp is consistently a weak point for me, and often times I am scoring -10 or more on it. I have seen a big improvement since I first started studying, and used to take 4-4:30 to read passages and now am finishing all four at around 3:30 each, and I feel like I am retaining more information than before. I have been drilling full, timed, reading comp sets and seem to do really well on the easy/medium difficulty levels, but really struggle with the hardest ones. That said, does anyone have any tips for improving this score? I am thinking of maybe just drilling hard sets untimed until it starts to make some more sense to me?

Any help is appreciated!!


  • blanklawblanklaw Alum Member
    463 karma

    Yes-- I would say to focus on how you read. It's not only about knowing what you read, it's mostly about understanding what "wasn't" said and drawing out connections/tones/etc. I like to look for a common thread throughout the passage; I like looking for contrasts, noting author's opinion, and trying to paint a broad picture of what I am reading.

    Hope this helps!

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