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If law schools have my application on hold until Jan. scores come in BUT I decide to cancel score..

I've submitted my apps but indicated I'll be taking a future LSAT (January). So I'm assuming that most of the schools will keep my application on hold until they get my January scores.

But if my January score is lower than my current score on record, I'm thinking of cancelling it with score preview. If I cancel the January score, will the law schools that have my app on hold get a new report saying I cancelled my score and proceed with review, or do I have to manually update them?

Or, in the event that I get a January score that's a couple points lower than my current score, is it even worth cancelling the score?


  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
    2037 karma

    Former admissions officer here. If you decide to cancel your score, it show up in your LSAT history and admissions will receive this update. However, I recommend you email admissions directly of this update as well. If your most recent score is lower than your highest LSAT score, there is little benefit to keeping it on your record. Good luck!

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