PTC.S3.Q23 - A political constitution that provides the framework for the laws of a nation

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For this question, I had gotten it correct in the timed test, but ended up changing my answer in BR.
I wanted to discuss my reasoning for the BR, so that maybe it would help solidify why I chose B to begin with.
My reasoning was as follows:
I had initially chose B, but changed it during BR because I felt like the passage didn't explicitly tell us that the political stability would decrease. It did mention that believing that the constitution was being interpreted consistently with the intentions of its authors was "so necessary for political stability", but my reasoning during BR was that since it didn't explicitly state that politically stability would INCREASE, so I went with D.

From my understanding (please correct me if wrong) B is correct because ultimately we could ASSUME from the info given that political instability would increase from the info given.

However, I would now be extremely interested in why D would be wrong lol!

Anyways, just wanted to open up a discussion about this question :)

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