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Apply with lower LSAT with chance to reapply the following year, or hold off to improve LSAT?

Nikolai6Nikolai6 Monthly Member

I was wondering which of the two paths might be recommended. I understand that improving the LSAT is not a surety, but with more time, I believe I can.

1) Apply this Fall of 2023 with a lower LSAT than I would like and on the lower-end for schools I am aiming for. But, know that if I do not get in to those schools, apply again in Fall 2024 with a better LSAT score.
2) Do not apply at all with this lower LSAT score and rather work to improve it until it is near the level it needs to be by Fall 2024 applications (i.e., do not both with application process in Fall 2023).

Any guidance is super appreciated!

Application Timeline
  1. How should I go about applying?9 votes
    1. Apply in Fall 2023 and then in Fall 2024 if need be
    2. Wait until Fall 2024 to improve LSAT
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