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169 official LSAT looking for a RC study partner (1 Daily RC passage) BR 2-3 person group

Alon DasaAlon Dasa Monthly Member
in Study Groups 122 karma

Hello I scored a 169 on the January LSAT. I'm looking for 1 or 2 people who would be committed to Blind Reviewing 1 RC passage per day in the morning 8:30am Pacific time/ 11:30 Eastern Time. Where we could justify the answers we picked and hear each other thought processes. It's only one passage so it would be quick but I know it would be extremely helpful and would probably take Maximum 30 minutes to fully review it. I'm only looking for someone whos at in the 170 range or a little bit below it and is LEGITIMATLEY COMMITED to review and learning. My last Practice tests has been 169/169/174/172/170/171/169/174/172/173.


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