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After finishing my first pass through RC, I've noticed I have a tonne of trouble when it comes to passages based on the fine arts / art history. I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for resources that go really in-depth into the theory/history surrounding various art styles / techniques / history?

This is mainly just something to pre-occupy my spare time and maybe learn a thing or two over the next few months.


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    I have the same issue and I think it is because I am not accustomed to the words, techniques, nor ideas that they talk about. It is hard to attribute my perspective to the ideas presented.

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    I'd recommend reading some art history books or books about famous artists - Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Manet, Monet, Raphael, etc!

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    honestly? here is what I do, and it works for ALL of RC : print out 5-6 page book reviews. in other words, some columnist/author who is REVIEWING the work of another author. then from this point, you can pick which books you want to see reviewed , such as art history, as you mentioned. I think youll find art history books themselves to be insufficient. The LSAT focuses more on a an author's PERSPECTIVE on another authors art, contribution to art history etc.

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    Just reverse-engineer 5-6 passages from RC. Anything that takes you away from PTs is the wrong direction.

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