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Drilling and PTs Early On

catherine.hellecatherine.helle Monthly Member
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I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how often one should be doing drills and PTs when early on in their studies. I've been studying for about a month and about to take my second PT and have done one drill. I see some people doing drills every single day. I also hear from people that PTs are valuable later on in your studies rather than too early.

What does drill/PT frequency look like for you, earlier on vs closer to test date? I plan to study for about 6-8 months. Thanks for any input.


  • ryan.lattavoryan.lattavo Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    102 karma

    Hey Catherine.helle!

    My best recommendation is to drill throughout the week as often as possible with your time schedule, and then PT on the weekends. When you drill, you want to focus on a specific section and/or concept that you want to target. For example, you might want to do a drill focusing on only Necessary Assumption questions, if your analytics tell you those questions are a priority. You may also want to drill specific strategies, like trying to complete the first 15 questions in LR in 15 minutes or completing a logic games section without brute forcing each game. Get creative with your drilling!

    Most importantly though, you should be reflective with what you do. Never do something for the sake of getting LSAT work done--you want to be critically thinking about the skills you're using. After each PT, review your analytics to see where troublesome sections still exist, and use that to craft your drills throughout the week.

    This can be confusing and hard to come up with on your own, so if you wanted to speak to a tutor about the best way to proceed studying, you can schedule a free consultation with one here:

    We'd love to help you think better about drilling and practice tests!

    All the best,


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