12 applicatons 6WL 4-No's 2 in process

Not sure how I should feel, The WLs are from some of the better schools of the no's 2 were my safety options.
Still have two to wait on but not feeling great, should I apply to even more schools, really attack the waitlist schools with letters of interest?

My LSAT 161 GPA 3.43 already have an M.A degree as well. I am a bit of an older student and have a hearing disability so I don't know if that is looked at negatively or not.

Any advice would be great thanks.


  • JDream2025JDream2025 Alum Member
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    Your stats are awesome. No advice here but I hope you get what’s best for you.

  • Jacob BaskaJacob Baska Member Admissions Consultant
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    Hey thatruth28,

    Thanks for the email and question. Just chiming in from the 7Sage consultant perspective.

    First - it certainly sounds like you have a lot going for you! Congrats on everything you've accomplished to this point!

    Second - depending on your goals and preferences, it may not be a crazy thing to apply to a few more schools. As far as "goals" go, if you KNOW that you want to go to law school next year, then it may not be appropriate to just look towards reapplying in the fall. And as far as preferences are concerned, if you were focused on one geographic area, maybe you can expand your radar. Or maybe if you were focused only on schools in a certain rankings range, maybe you can expand out that range.

    And heck, if you'd like to talk this out, you can schedule a consultation call with one of the admissions consultants. We'd be happy to help out!

  • realestatelawyerrealestatelawyer Live Member
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    Apply to the 10 lowest ranked schools.

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