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Accountability Partner

alysseglasneralysseglasner Core Member
edited July 31 in Study Groups 10 karma

Hi all!

I'm having troubles really focusing and staying on schedule. In the past, I've been more successful when I know there is someone else checking in on me. So, I'm looking to see if anyone wants an accountability partner/study buddy (or group)! It can be anything from just checking in weekly to make sure we each have done what we need to or studying and reviewing questions together. I'm thinking of taking the LSAT in September or October, depending on how ready I feel.


  • bsarahbirkbsarahbirk Core Member
    11 karma

    hi! I'd be happy to help. I think theres also the study buddy tab if you're looking for someone in a specific time zone!

  • a.depriest1a.depriest1 Live Member
    3 karma

    I'm done too.

  • MNorNYLawPLSMNorNYLawPLS Live Member
    12 karma

    I have such a hard time holding myself accountable im down to join a group!

  • coffeeandlsatcoffeeandlsat Core Member
    3 karma

    Hi! I'd like to join as well! I have a 3 month old and have a full time job so my studying comes and goes. I also plan to take the LSAT in October or November.

  • Raiden PunaRaiden Puna Core Member
    8 karma

    I'd be happy to help too! It's so difficult to hold ourselves accountable so a group would really help.

  • kimtmcmcmkimtmcmcm Live Member
    18 karma

    I desperately need an accountability partner. Especially since I work full-time. I am also shooting for October!

  • AndrewL1998AndrewL1998 Core Member
    8 karma

    I am also down, shooting for october also and have a horrible time with the stamina aspect

  • rgul7890rgul7890 Live Member
    23 karma

    I am down too, I will take an Lsat in august or September

  • seanriley3seanriley3 Core Member
    13 karma

    I am interested as well, I'm planning on taking the September and November test (if I don't like my score)

  • antho213antho213 Live Member
    4 karma

    I'm interested

  • haxu1920haxu1920 Core Member
    4 karma

    Hi! I'm down. I'm planning to take the lsat in August or September.

  • FangoriaFemmeFangoriaFemme Core Member
    3 karma

    I am down!
    Taking the LSAT in September.

  • arigriff00arigriff00 Live Member
    16 karma

    Im interested

  • TiffanyH94TiffanyH94 Live Member
    4 karma

    I am interested for sure! How should we go by setting this up? Through discord or groupme is fine by me too.

  • filomenatexeirafilomenatexeira Core Member
    2 karma

    I'm also down, taking the LSAT in September and studying becomes very hard with a full time job!

  • ramirovargasjrramirovargasjr Core Member
    2 karma

    Hello, Im interested. Planning to take this LSAT on or after October

  • arielnaghiarielnaghi Core Member
    9 karma

    I'm interested

  • rpotula0890rpotula0890 Member
    24 karma

    I am also interested in an accountability partner!

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