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Advice- Is it possible to jump from a 130 to 180

mthurst.3mthurst.3 Core Member
edited July 31 in October 2023 LSAT 35 karma

Hi Guys,

I achieved a diagnostic score in March of a 130 and in April as well, but my score was still pretty low. I am planning to take the test in October and started studying about May 13th. I really would like to hit the 99th percentile, if possible, but not sure if anyone else has achieved more than 40+ increase. I am studying about 20 hours week and seriously studying, but just concerned. I know anything is possible, but just a little worried that I scored a little lower. Not sure if this is normal. I want to get full-ride scholarships.

Thanks so much! Stay Blessed!


  • David-180lsat-1David-180lsat-1 Core Member
    21 karma

    Can't speak to how possible it is given that I am still working toward a 99th percentile score myself. However, I think the gap is significant enough where it would probably make sense to study towards a score goal rather than setting the goal market to be the October LSAT.

    I don't think 40 point increase is impossible but at the very least is incredibly uncommon so just opens the door for frustration given you'll only have 5 months, assuming no breaks.

    Good luck

  • Cynical Bean CounterCynical Bean Counter Alum Member
    49 karma

    I know of somebody who went from a 126 to a 168 in one month, but I know a hundred others who only increased by 15 or so points in the span of a year.

    Your goal isn't impossible, just uncommon (as David noted). You want an uncommon grade? You'll have to be uncommon.

  • u______uu______u Core Member
    233 karma

    Those are sentiments I'm sure almost everyone would agree with. While sentiments are good, they should be tempered by reason. You're right that anything is possible. But keep in mind that getting a 180 is a different beast than attaining pretty much any other score. Your plan probably isn't something anyone would realistically recommend, but you could be that very special person who is capable of seeing it through. Good luck.

  • Davi AmaralDavi Amaral Core Member
    13 karma

    Good morning Matt,

    First I would recommend you find your why's. Why is it that you want to score 170+? Afterwards you should plan out a feasible plan to attain, so that would be your HOW. I think everyone wants to score a 170+ just depends on how bad you want it. Don't give up, keep your head up and push through.

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