PT11.S2.Q20 - a recent report on an environmental improvement program

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Why A? And why not E?

I think I misinterpretted "addressing" in option A to mean that "referring to the..." Instead, by "address" I now think he means "considering and potentially implementing the critics claims doesn't matter yet cause now we need money."

In regards to "E" I interpreted it to mean that, "giving the report a single focus ('coherent vision of future') is less desirable than the critics claim seeing as we need some effing money." However, the true translation is "the author thought the critic's idea wasn't that awesome."

Did I just totally misread what was said? Is my misreading completely unwarranted (Am I cray)? Any strategies on how to not to misread?


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    Yea, the second way you interpreted "address" there is the way to go; "address" loosely meaning doing some about it.

    For E, I'm not sure that you can rephrase the answer the way that you did. We don't know that giving the report a single focus would be less desirable to the authors, they could believe that this is the ultimate goal for which they should strive, just that right now it isn't as important as their funding concerns.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if it's still kinda unclear, I'd be happy to give the explanation another go if you need it :)
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    Thanks. I'll just have to work on how I am reading I guess. That's going to be very difficult seeing as words like address have multiple meanings.
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