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Need some advice on study plan

MISC_K79MISC_K79 Core Member
edited August 2023 in Study Guides/Cheat Sheets 112 karma

Hi all.
I need some advice with my study plan.

I have recently finished CC after 5 months of studying; I was only able to study 3 hours daily since I work full time.

Currently I manage to do the 1 or 2 PT(s) per week;
I understand that I would need to focus on Pting with more later version as nearing the actual Test date.
But I wonder if it makes much change(ie. starting from old Pts vs. skip old Pts, use it only for drilling and do newer Pts) at this stage because I presume that whether those PTs are old or new, they are testing the same fundamentals/principles.
Any suggestions?

I would appreciate any advice/comment.

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