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Help! Score not improving, how to break into 170's

175orelse175orelse Alum Member
edited August 2015 in General 51 karma
I'm currently signed up for the October test, and am looking to postpone to December.

Background: I started studying this April, and finished the Manhattan LSAT prep books for LR and RC, and bought the most expensive course for 7sage (before the PDF changes). I went through everything regarding LR in the 7sage curriculum, and went through LG PT 1-35 once (am currently in the process of going through it again until I ace all the LGs, like 7sage recommends). I didn't go through anything in the 7sage curriculum regarding RC or LG (I find LG getting to be easier with time, and am currently subscribed to the Economist).

I took two cold diags, and they ranged from 150-155. I took 5 PT's and scored between 160-164, with my BR scores from 162-168. I am missing on average 3 on LG (ranges from 2-4), 7 on LR (ranges from 4-9) and 6 on RC (ranges from 5 to 7). What could I possibly be doing wrong, and how could I improve within the next couple of weeks to break 170? I want to not take the test until I consistently score within the mid 170's. My GPA puts me in contention for HYS, and I would prefer not to settle (if anything, attend a t10 on a big scholly).

I also started studying part-time during April, but started to study on a full time basis starting from the end of June.

Any thoughts or help at all would be really appreciated, as I am currently discouraged and am wondering what I am doing wrong.


  • NYC12345NYC12345 Alum Inactive Sage
    1654 karma
    It is highly unlikely that you will improve to the 170s in 6 weeks. Your best bet is to postpone the exam to December. It took me a few months to improve from the low to mid 160s to the mid 170s. I can add you as a study buddy so you can see my score trend. Also, make sure you do a thorough BR after every PT. That's how you learn from your mistakes.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    @175orelse said:
    What could I possibly be doing wrong, and how could I improve within the next couple of weeks to break 170?
    Take a lot of tests. I had a similar diagnostic to you. I don't think I saw any consistency in the 170's until I'd taken 35-40 tests.
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