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Specific questions on How do I study?


Planning on taking the new lsat as soon as it comes out since I’m a junior and want to apply to law school as soon as possible. On my first practice exam I got a 142 and same on the second. I know it seems fast but my goal is 170. I believe anything is possible. But I have issue with just how to study and too indecisive to stick with one. The other issue is on 7Sage there’s 2 versions. I’m currently doing a mix of both since version 2 is newer I assume it’s better. But I have dis Lexi a (WHY DO THEY MAKE THAT WORD HARD TO SPELL) anyways… so ver2 lack of videos make it hard to understand but on version 1 it mostly explanions and not tips or learning going on. Lol any help will be greatful. I only want to go to law school and it's literally all I have left. (long sad story)


  • Sofia G.Sofia G. Core Member
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    Honestly, I think you're overthinking WRT 7sage V1 and V2. Do the core curriculum, drills, PTs w/ Blind Review, and more drills. I never took the PT 7sage recommends prior to doing the CC but I took one as part of a different studying program, got like a 148, and recently I got a 162 and BR 166 after finishing the CC and just doing the problem sets and logic games drills. Mindset is everything; instead of thinking of all the study methods and ruminating over which is best, stick to 1 and genuinely try to learn (take a lot of notes and more notes on review vids for the questions you get wrong). Honestly, you also have more time than August if you really need it. First thing 7sage recommends is not to try and squeeze all studying into 3 months trying to get a 170. It gets harder and harder to get a higher score as your score improves due to the curve. Hope this helps, and stick with it!

  • malidlc01malidlc01 Live Member
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    I would stick to CC V2. If you can use an text to speech extension (Natural reader, speechify, etc.) to have the text read to you. I don't have dyslexia, but I struggle to get through long text so having things read to me helped me.

    Not sure if it will help, but my current study plan is work through the CC and LR lessons and take a PT every 2 weeks to track progress. I blind review the PT the next day and then repeat the whole process of reviewing lessons until the next PT. I still drill question types to keep building those skills, but once I am done with the lessons I plan to really hone in on PTs.

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