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Free Live Proctored LSAT in Washington, DC

KatherineKatherine Alum Member
edited November 2013 in General 136 karma
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that StrategyPrep in DC offers free in-person live proctored LSATs on select Saturdays in Washington, DC. It is limited to 1 free test per person, but seems like a good idea for your last or 2nd to last PT before the real LSAT. You get to choose any test from PT39 to the present, and it's a 5-section test.

However, in my humble opinion, they have NOTHING on 7Sage in terms of LSAT prep! Seriously, who does?

A live proctored test could be a good freebie though. I'll report back if I try it.


  • jamiewong107jamiewong107 Alum Member
    47 karma
    Katherine, I'm in the DC area and really appreciate this info! I just joined and hope to take the test in February. I have to say, the material/presentation on the site as well as the community does make this course second to none!

    Again, thank you so much or sharing!
  • AJ LAJ L Member
    24 karma
    I've done it, they're nice, you just go take your test and leave - helps break the nerves!
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