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Quick question, any input would be appreciated.

MadpandaMadpanda Alum Member
edited December 2013 in General 30 karma
So as we all know, the LSAT can only be taken 3 times in 2 years.

I was wondering..

If, hypothetically speaking, I were to take the exam and cancel my score in time, would that still be considered as an attempt? Meaning, would I still have 3 chances for 2 years?

Also, would law schools be able to see that I canceled my score?

Thank you in advance for your inputs!


  • marryam_kmarryam_k Alum Member
    29 karma
    Cancelling your score counts as an attempt!
  • dmitriygolosdmitriygolos Alum Member
    27 karma
    Yes, law schools are able to see that you canceled your score. However, i heard that they don't really care about 1 canceled score.
  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
    136 karma
    The policy is on the LSAC website, under LSAT, right-hand column "Limitations on Test Taking:"

    "You may not take the LSAT more than three times in any two-year period. This policy applies even if you cancel your score or if your score is not otherwise reported. LSAC reserves the right to cancel your registration, rescind your admission ticket, or take any other steps necessary to enforce this policy.
    For significant extenuating circumstances, exceptions to this policy may be made by LSAC. To request an exception, submit a signed, detailed explanation—along with verification, if possible—addressing the circumstances that you feel make you eligible to retake the LSAT and specify the date that you wish to test..."
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