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How valuable are retake PT scores

Ron SwansonRon Swanson Alum Member Inactive ⭐
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Just wondering how valuable a retake score is. I took some later PTs (60s) back in March/April long before I discovered 7sage. If I thoroughly erase any writing on those tests, would I be able to get a decently accurate score? Should I give myself 30 mins per section instead of 35 to account for maybe remembering a question?



  • AlejandroAlejandro Legacy Member Inactive ⭐
    edited August 2015 2424 karma
    I wouldn't look at the score, unless you haven't taken that test in like 3+ months. Regardless, focus on the skills that you are reinforcing rather than the score on your retakes. That is what those tests are useful for! Hope that helps.
  • lpadr009lpadr009 Member
    379 karma
    I think it is valuable if you are comparing it to a test you had done with zero LSAT knowledge. If you had some lsat knowledge, you will probably have remembered the tricks
  • c.janson35c.janson35 Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2398 karma
    Worried about the merits of retakes? Retaking is definitely beneficial and really humbles you. A perfect example of this is the unicorn/centaur question on PT52 (which, if you've been through all the material... The North Remembers).I got it wrong the first time around and got it wrong on a retake, too. This is just proof that there is still much to learn! If you never retake tests you might not have the opportunity to uncover some clear weaknesses or less-than-stellar thought processes that are holding you down.

    Worried about your retake scores? Depending on how long ago you've taken a test, it may be almost as representative as a new one. There's times when I do retakes and think to myself, "Oh I sort of remember this question about the refrigerator membrane" but have no idea what it's asking me to do and have no idea what form the correct answer takes. Sometimes there will be tests that I retake and as soon as a start reading the stimulus I know about where in the answer choices the right answer is and what it's going to say; with these I still try to articulate reasons why each answer is wrong while i'm taking the test, at the same time knowing that the score I get isn't going to be as important as the process of practicing.
  • lpadr009lpadr009 Member
    379 karma
    @c.janson35 i JUST DID pt 52 so im really feeling the unicorn/centaur feels
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    As has been mentioned above in various ways, the value is not in the scores themselves but in the value added to the learning process. Don't take them as a predictive indicator of your current level of skill/potential. Just take the scores with a grain of salt and focus on the learning process and you'll be fine.
  • 393 karma
    I was just discussing this with someone else in another thread.

    For me personally, I find that RC gets much easier on a retake, while LG get a little bit easier, but I think LR is just as hard, and typically I make exactly the same mistakes on a retake.

    I think that retakes are very valuable though. I've done the 60's tests twice (and am planning on a third shot), and my scores get better every time. I actually find that retakes are still a very good indication of my scores based on my score on preptests I have never taken before. I get 2-3 points higher on retakes than on fresh tests, but altogether they are shockingly close. And improving!!! Woohoo!!!
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