to study or not study anymore....week before. Rest in peace..Paul

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when is it acceptable to not study, or keep studying? should I take 2 or 1 day off before the test, what does everyone else plan on doing? I been studying crazy for the past two month, about to take it for the first time next week, to be honest,paul walker's death affected me a lil bit. It sounds weird cause I don't really follow celebrities like that, but his life comes and goes and it's so fragile. And here I am thinking LSAT is the most important thing in the world, It shouldn't be...


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    Yeah, I had the same thought two weeks ago. After being stuck in the same score range for a month, I finally understood that I should have fun studying for the test, not stress out. After 4 years of college, its time to enjoy life. So live! Breath! and enjoy this last week by studying and taking PT. We have all worked hard, and finish strong. I plan to take minimum of three PT from Monday-Thursday.
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    Take two days. That's what I'm doing. And, I would say most of all, that this is a test after-all--and, it's only the beginning of your start in law.
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    Everyone's comments here are really positive and have calmed me down a bit. I've been LSAT-obsessed to say the least for the past few months and its hard to think of life beyond living, breathing LSAT preptest life.

    Good luck to everyone on Saturday!
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