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Bar Hangout 7Sagers?

steven appelbaumsteven appelbaum Free Trial Member
edited December 2013 in General 45 karma
Just wanted to know if you guys were planning on doing something similar to this:

it would be great to meet JY, Jon, and everyone else that got me through this hell known as the LSATs and buy you a drink (along with any other 7Sagers obviously).

Obviously not everyone is in New York, but for those that are, let's drink away our concerns over our scores!

Anyone else in?


  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    14094 karma
    Hi Steven, I would be honored. I just happen to not be in NYC right now.

    But I'll be back and really it should be us that buys you guys a drink anyhow. You're the survivors!
  • bothmarsupialsbothmarsupials Free Trial Member
    14 karma
    I'm in !!
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