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You can now share your LSAT PT scores with other 7Sagers!

Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
edited February 2014 in General 3042 karma
Hey everyone, we rolled out a new feature recently that lets you share your LSAT results with others. You can find it at

Why do I want to share my results?
If you share your results with study buddies, you can help one another see what you need to work on. Makes studying more collaborative and interactive.

Share with your tutor and they'll have the most in-depth information on your LSAT strengths and weaknesses available anywhere. Maximize the impact of your tutor.

Are you awesome at the LSAT? Post on the forum offering to provide feedback to anyone who shares their results with you. It's a great way to help others out and show off your expertise.

How do I share my results?
Go to: and enter the email address of the person you would like to share your results with in the bottom right where it says "Share with:". This will give them access to your results.

If you want access to someone else's results, enter their email where it says "Request sharing with:".

What if the person I want to share with doesn't have an account?
No problem, we can send them an email letting them know you want to share your results. They'll get a link to sign up for free and access your results.


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