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Do you have to do and go over all the 7058 questions ever released?!

priyamsingh1988priyamsingh1988 Free Trial Member
edited December 2013 in General 10 karma
Do you have to do and go over all the 7058 questions ever released before you're prepared for the lsat? I'm probably gonna take the Feb exam but there won't be enough time to do and go over every prep test so I'm thinking of skipping prep tests 1-20, maybe I'll be forced to skip even more. What do you guys think?


  • cloy26260cloy26260 Alum Member
    46 karma
    Short answer: For the amount of time you have left, focus on PT 50 and up.

    Reasoning: The sections have each developed over time. Internet consensus is that LR is trending to be a bit more difficult than the old tests, LG is more "plug and chug" as opposed to inference driven, and RC is arguably pretty similar. Essentially, focus on the newer tests as they are most similar to the form you will probably be confronted with in February.

    However, DO NOT just blow throw the tests. Take a PT, blind review, then tear that sucker apart. Each test you take is a treasure trove of information. Each question provides you with feedback: where you're solid, where you need improvement (more drilling), and where you haven't the slightest idea (hit the books).
  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    If you don't have time for 1-20, that's ok. You'll be fine.

    Good luck
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