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Need advice on score cancellation!

yhchoi1687yhchoi1687 Alum Member
edited October 2015 in October 2015 LSAT 80 karma
I took my first LSAT exam in Hong Kong (the test was different from US tests) today and got panicked in the first section since the last game was EXTREMELY hard.
I found that it was experimental afterward, but at that time I was so panicked and hardly focus on the next LR section in early questions.
Thankfully I could manage myself to become a usual pace as time passes, but due to initial panic I was running out of time in the LR section (2nd section).
The 4th section was LG again. It was very difficult (although not insanely hard as the first experimental one) and I made some silly unusal mistakes in the first two easy games so couldn't have enough time at the last game and made a random guess for four to five questions.

Since I usually kill LG section (I got all questions right nine out of ten and got wrong at most two), this unexpected situations in LG screwed up my exam.
Unfortunately I did only a few full time tests as practice and I think this was a big problem for me.
Well, at least I learned lots of lessons from my first exam and now know what I should do for my second lsat exam in February.

So I just need advice for score cancellation.
I am ultimately targeting 176+ and I have solved about 20 PTs and for recent 10 PTs my scores have been from 172 to 177.
For this October exam, I was targeting 170+.
But since I did very bad in LG, which I usually kill, and panicked in one LR section, my expectation for the score is mid to late 160s .(can be worse if my panic was worse than I am thinking now...)
In this situation, I am feeling it might be better to cancel the score since it is definitely not reaching my target score.
Can you guys give me some advice on this? Would there by any drawbacks in canceling score?

Also, just curious, is LG getting more difficult in very recent exams?
I just wonder I failed it because I wasn't in usual pace or just LG is getting way harder.
I couldn't solve PTs from 71, but for PTs in 50s and 60s I feel the difficulty level was lower than the actual exam.


  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    3438 karma
    If this is your first time, don't cancel... you might surprise yourself. plus the days when more than one score was looked on unfavorably are over... take it again though.
  • JengibreJengibre Member
    383 karma
    I agree with @"Nilesh S" and I feel very similarly @yhchoi1687. I know I underperformed how I'd been PTing, but I don't think I'll cancel. I'm going to sign up for December and retake unless I miraculously did much better than my post-test assessment. I don't think having one less than stellar score will hurt, and there is always the chance you met your target.
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I wouldn't cancel since it's your first take and canceling now will count as a take anyways. Almost every school just wants your top score so just see what you got and go from there.

    I didn't think the real LG was too bad but I also spent too much time on the first two which hurt me for the third game. Luckily I skipped ahead when I started spinning my wheels and then came back to it. LG has been all over the place in the 70s so they're definitely working to make it less predictable than it had generally become.
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