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PT 41, Section 3, Question 3

harrismeganharrismegan Member
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I don't know why this trips me up SO BADLY, but I ended up switching this one to the correct answer in my BR.
BUT, I watched the video and I reasoned it differently.
We're taught that, if we're given a premise, we have to take it to be true, correct?

So I reasoned that A is the correct answer over B, because the stimulus says "because it permits a slower and more natural rhythm of life, living in the country...". So, B is wrong because the stimulus TOLD US that it permits a slower rhythm of life, and we can't just conclude therefore it doesn't. Right?


  • c.janson35c.janson35 Free Trial Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    That's perfect reasoning for eliminating B. Answer choice B directly refutes one of the given premises, so it is incorrect.

    A is supported pretty well because we know that both groups get sick as often as eachother and have equal amounts of stress.
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    Yay okay good :) thank you!
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