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I chose D, but I think I might have mistaken this for a strengthen question. However, I don't understand how E is correct. Why does the fact that it doesn't show that megatelescope research is worhty for comparison.... matter? I feel like this is one of the AC that JY will commonly ask "who cares/so what?"...


  • NerfThisNerfThis Alum Member
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    You probably did mistaken it as a strengthening question when actually the question is a flaw/descriptive weakening question albeit a bit strange one regarding the stimulus.

    The question tells you to essentially assume the stimulus is in favor for the development of the megatelescope and asks you to pick out it's flaw.

    (E) is correct as the comparison made to regards to Maxwell, Newton, and Einstein is faulty. Think about the huge contributions those three gave to humanity. A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, Gravity, General Relativity etc. Are these discoveries on the same level as the whateverscope thing?

    Even if you think they could be consider this, the megatelescope is a physical research tool while Maxwell, Newton, Einstein are known for, really their mathematical formulas. Just because we benefited from mathematical formulas before doesn't support the idea that a particular physical tools will provide similar benefits.

    Hence answer (E), it didn't show that it was a worthy comparison.

    (D) is bringing up an irrelevant point. To regards to the argument, benefit is benefit. Whether its benefit in a economic sense or intellectual sense has no bearing on the argument.

    "If we develop whateverscope, we get good. So we should develop whatever scope."

    "Good as in money good or smart good?"

    Does it matter?

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