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OCT 1996, LR2, #17 (Please help!) Why is this answer correct?

LSAT DeterminedLSAT Determined Legacy Member

I don't understand why E is correct. I chose B. Could someone please explain why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong? Thank you in advance.


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    @"LSAT Determined" :

    Here's my brief explanation:

    a) Who cares about maximum energy efficiency and who cares about all at once? Not mentioned in the question. Only "major improvements" are mentioned.
    b) Not relevant at all. Supports if anything
    c) This undermines the objection a little bit. Maybe the market can't move fast enough? It's a possibility at least.
    d) This supports the premise. Consumers might upgrade efficiency on their own, a market mechanism.
    e) This is perfect. This is a great example of a situation in which the market will not achieve the hoped-for reforms. A landlord doesn't have to worry about fuel costs, and so is outside of the market when it comes to efficiency. A far stronger example than (C), which was only marginally related to the objection.
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