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Hey Everyone!

I will be withdrawing from the December test by Monday. I will likely register for the June or October test. That said, I think a major problem for me, and likely part of the reason I have to withdraw from the December test, was burnout.
I studied for 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week, for around 4.5 months. By the 4th month, I was drained. I did see a decent improvement (20 points, +-5), but tanked on my last PT.
That said, how should I plan out my breaks? 1 day off per week? Half day off on Sundays? Other suggestions are welcome.

When using the fool proof method for LG, should I be doing the games in groups? For instance, 6 grouping games on week 1, 6 hybrid games on week 2, etc. Or, pick a few random games and do them, then use the fool proof method. The latter makes more sense, since the actual test is not ordered by game-type.

Random question: When you guys grade your PTs, do you count the questions that you guessed on? In other words, do you input them into the grader, and count them towards your final, scaled score? It makes sense that you would, but then again guessing is hit or miss - for instance, on 1 test I blindly guessing 9 questions right, on another, only 3 of my blind guesses were correct.

Thank you!


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    I’m an atheist, but I do think the Bible was on to something when they said rest 1 day out of 7. I’m also a big fan of taking lots of little breaks. Creating lots of intervals helps with memory; for example, when given a list of items, we tend to remember the firs and last parts of the list.

    Once you’re done with the curriculum, I’d foolproof games randomly. If you’re still deficient in a type of game after a a month or so, then I’d put a few together to try find some shared patterns. But it’s more important to start practicing shifting from game type to game type.

    I count the guesses, but I make a mental note if a I got more than 1 or 2 right on section. DO NOT GUESS ON BLIND REVIEW. Remember, blind Review is about 100% certainty. If I’m stuck between 2 answers, I have to leave it blank.

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    @DumbHollywoodActor Thanks a ton. That's what I figured...I majored in Psychology and my concentration was in neurology/memory. What you said is absolutely correct, but I guess I needed to hear it from those who are studying for the LSAT.

    Thanks for the tip re: logic games. That's how I've been practicing so far...seems like a waste of time to try grouping the games together.
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    @DumbHollywoodActor said:
    I’m an atheist, but I do think the Bible was on to something when they said rest 1 day out of 7.
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    Never drill games by type as it doesn't properly test you on game type recognition and is a serious advantage for certain game types (e.g.- grouping games with a chart). Check this out and go from there:
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