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Watch for Test Day

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Just a reminder

You NEED a watch and it must be analogue.

I've done the whole 180 watch thing - It even broke on a PT.

Just keep it simple like JY recommends and get a sports watch with a rotating bezel. This one worked fantastically for me and is now on sale for 10 bucks (Cyber monday?)

A couple of key points:

- for every section, set the big hand to 12, so it's easier to see when you get to 35 min (you have time even when there's no break)

- Use the rotating bezel marker to place on 30 min, so you'll know when you have 5 min left. (proctors DO forget to tell you sometimes).

Even if you're broke, don't be penny wise and pound foolish - get a watch and practice with it before test day - don't plan borrow from a parent and forget or end up with a crummy watch because it's all they had.

Hope this helps!


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