WTF happened.....

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All of my pt's were in the 156-160 range/I studied for six months & got my score last night (1st time taking was december) and I got a 148...............
Suggestions for February???


Plz wake me up from this nightmare


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    FIRST thing you need to do is figure out WHY your score went down (if you haven't already). Was it nerves? New testing environment? Temperature? Whatever it was, recreate it and drill in less-than-ideal conditions.
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    @Noonec Don't get discouraged. This first try can be used by you in a very meaningful way. You now know exactly how much the test will demand of you (on test day). And you now know if you want to hit 156-160 you should be shooting for an average of 8-10 points above that on PTs. And if you score higher, all the better. Get right back to studying!
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    When you say "All of your PTs," how much do you mean? The good news is if it is a small sample size you still have many PTs too learn from! Also were they taken in strict test-day timed conditions?

    Also realize it is not about the length of time you study but HOW you study! Were you BRing all of your PTs after taking them timed? After that did you take the time to further review your misses and your Confidence Errors (questions you didn't mark for BR but still missed)? You're going to need to do a lot of honest reflecting in order to get better (I promise if you put in the effort you will see results, this test can be cracked).

    I say your best bet is to wait until the June exam and just to reset yourself back to the beginning of your prep. Wipe your slate clean, what I mean is you want to build your foundation from the ground up. Don't worry about your PT scores (for now) just make sure you're grasping the concepts. I'm telling you from personal experience, you can do better on this test. I initially struggled with this exam as well, my first take I scored a 150, and I just got my December score and it is a 168! If you want a more detailed study-guide method feel free to PM me! Just take a deep breath and realize it's not the end of the world, you can do this!
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    The first question I would ask is, "was I doing my PTs correctly?" Also, what exactly went wrong? Did you walk out of there thinking you scored in the 155+ range?
    If you scored a 148, I would consider delaying until June and applying for the next cycle.
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