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Apply now with lower-than-PT score, or apply after receiving Feb score?

splitterhopefulsplitterhopeful Alum Member
in General 340 karma
Hi there, I got a December score that was 3-4 points below my PT average. I know I can do better, and my score on record is marginal at best for schools I am targeting. Should I apply now or wait until I get a (hopefully 3+ point higher) February score? And if I apply before receiving my February score and am rejected, can I reapply after receiving a higher Feb score? Thanks much.


  • ShakayAmShakayAm Member
    3 karma
    Not sure where your target schools are, but some (I'd assume most) schools have their application deadline on Feb 1. Nonetheless, some still allow February LSAT scores. You just need to apply before the Feb 1 deadline and indicate in your application that you do not want them to review it until receiving your February LSAT score.
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