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allan.koganallan.kogan Member
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I am seeing lots of improvement with with RC and LR as I am a couple of weeks away from PTing. But surprisingly I am noticing the most difficulty with games. I try to do the fool proof method to the best of my ability but I guess the toughest part for me is still making inferences. I can redo a game multiple times, and I will understand it. But to be honest it is still hard for me to approach a game cold and be able to do it perfectly. It is 50/50, I either can or cannot no matter what type of game it is. I am not liking my odds here. What should I do? Like I have to look at explanations and videos before I attempt a majority of new games because I cannot make inferences at the rate that I want. This is really frustrating because I am improving quicker in RC than with games and I dont understand, I thought it would be the other way around. I am dependent on the game explanations. I mean what do I do at this point. Start with test 1 and do the games up until test 77? I spend all day going over 4-5 games this is crazy. I have to start taking exams in a few weeks.


  • tanes256tanes256 Alum Member
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    I wouldn't move on to PT without a better grip of LG. You're doing 10 copies of each game? Watch the video between each retake if you have to. Or work the game with the video and pause wherever you need. Whatever is going to get you the most benefit. Is it just making inferences you're having trouble with? Have u noticed that you might not really know how to properly diagram rules? It should be fairly easily to make the inferences once you have your diagram. You should also be able to go to other games and see the similarities. That's the whole point of the Fool Proof Method. I was able to use the bird watchers game and fruit stand games to help with the either/or and not both relationships in the other in out games. There was also a biconditional in one of the games that helped me identify it in others. Are you just starting to fool proof? It might take a few for you to start picking it up. Just stay with it.
  • twssmithtwssmith Alum
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    LSAT 33, Section 4, Game 2
    This past weekend, I started off wanting to shoot the birds. Then, I realized it would be easier to shoot the bird watchers and let the birds live in whatever forest they want to. I can provide a screen shot of texts to a friend of this literal dialogue if necessary.
    It will start to click, but you just have to do as recommended and just keep at it.
  • runiggyrunruniggyrun Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    @allan.kogan How long have you been doing the Fool Proof for (not timewise, but how many of the games from PT's 1-38 have you already done and proofed)?. The method takes time and variety in the games covered.
    I thought the same as you, that I will never see any improvement in LG, because I had done ~50 games over and over, and still froze when I saw a new one. I started doing full length PT's from the 1-38 set, which served a couple of purposes - while not a "true" measure of potential, because I'd seen some of the questions, it allowed me to experience what it's like to sit down and think about the test for 3 hrs and practice not just question types but timing and general strategies as well, without having to dip into the pristine tests. And it "unlocked" more game sections to foolproof.
    I probably did ~20 of those PTs in their entirety, but I also did the game sections from the remaining ones as timed sections, as opposed to individual games (I'm planning to use the LR/RC sections from those tests as "mock experimental sections" for the newer PTs). Doing entire sections of games helps with developing a timing/skipping/prioritizing strategy.
    This will give you ~120 games to Fool Proof. You don't have to wait until you've done all of them, every day you can do 3-4 "old" sections that you've done before and the "new" one from the most recent PT you took.
    I wouldn't do the same section over and over - maybe once cold, then depending on how it went watch the videos, try again (timed but without a time limit) and if it was particularly hairy, maybe try one more time. Then try again next day, then the day after, then give it a week and try again, then give it 2-4 weeks and try again. In the intervening days, do other sections, so at the end of a couple of months you would have gone through all 1-38 games 4-6 times, but not back-to-back.
    Then every time you take a fresh PT add that game section to your Fool proofing pile and repeat the process above (you can start taking some of the older, well-done sections out of the rotation, if you know them in your sleep).
    It takes time, but that's the way it is. if you do a few sections every day, it becomes so routine that eventually your brain will understand that each new game is just another game, and stop freezing which is half of the battle. The other half is that you'll be fast at the easy games, freeing more time for the hard ones, and you'll start recognizing the important things that can unlock some of the difficult games (like a key "hater" in a grouping game, or needing to keep track of numbers in a subcategory game).
    Don't give up, give it time, it does work.
  • DumbHollywoodActorDumbHollywoodActor Alum Inactive ⭐
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    I created this discussion while I was in the middle of doing LGs of PT1-35 :

    Maybe something in there will help.
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