June Test-Takers, Week of Feb 1st: Tues (PT 43), Thurs (PT72), and Sat ( PT 44)

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June Test Takers! Great work last week, gang!

Here’s the schedule this week:


Tuesday, Feb 2nd at 8PM ET: PT 43

Click here to join this conversation: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/239503069

Thursday, Feb 4th at 8PM ET: PT 72

Click here to join this conversation: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/219480381

LSATurday, Feb 6th at 8PM ET: PT44

Click here to join this conversation: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/219480381

June BR Group Schedule: http://7sage.com/discussion/#/discussion/6171/june-test-takers-group-br-schedule-updated

You can also dial in to the BR call by using your phone.
United States +1 (571) 317-3112
Access Code: 219-480-381


Be sure to announce in the comments which group(s) you’re planning on attending.

Fine Print

(NOTE: you all want to be lawyers; reading fine print is what lawyers do, so READ IT!)


  • If you want to attend these sessions, you MUST click that link.
  • Here’s an FAQ on GoToMeeting.com: http://www.gotomeeting.com/meeting/online-meeting-support
  • Then, download the application (for your computer or mobile device).
  • For everyone: take the PT under timed conditions; BR as you are able; join us for all or part of the call—everyone is welcome.
  • Note: For the purposes of the call, we like to check our group blind review score together at the very end of the call :) So at least don't say ... "No guys, really, it's D, I checked it.” Use your reasoning.
  • These groups work best when folks from ALL stages of prep and with all different goals join in! Not just for "super-preppers" and definitely not just for the casual LSATer (does such a person exist?).
  • The only expectation anyone has for these calls is for you to have fun and ask questions as you desire. We are just a bunch of LSAT lovers who gather via GoToMeeting and intellectually slaughter each test.


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