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Answering a question problem

babybennybabybenny Member
edited April 2014 in Reading Comprehension 156 karma
I have a question about the strategy of answering questions.
It takes me around three to four minutes to read the whole passage and I can understand most of it and memorize/summerize before solving questions.

However, it usually takes me too much time to answer questions. For example, 3 mins to read a passage, but 6 to 7 mins to answer questions. So of course, I usually run out of time to take RC.
It drives me crazy even if I understand the passage when I read.
So I have no idea why it takes me so much time and what I'm going to reduce the time to work out questions.

Can anyone give me some advice?


  • ShirinnnShirinnn Member
    29 karma
    It's hard to tell unless you analyze your process. Are you distracted when reading the questions by trying to keep all of the information from the passage in your head? Do you refer back to the passage too often? Are you stressed after reading the passage, do you need a short break to clear your thoughts before proceeding to questions? Do you rush down the questions and then re-read them multiple times before picking an answer? ...There could be a number of reasons, you should analyze your behavior and thought process. Hope this helps :)
  • Jonathan WangJonathan Wang Yearly Sage
    edited April 2014 6283 karma
    Read the "LSAT Mid-Life Crisis" thread for a detailed response on this topic; the question is substantially the same. The short version: critical self-evaluation is necessary to figure out the particular things that are causing you to be slow, because there are a lot of things that could be the case.

    A general note - saying that you understand the passages is counterproductive. If you can't answer the questions quickly then it's clear that you do not understand, at least not to the degree of familiarity the LSAT demands.
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