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[Test Center Review] Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ/USA

katshimmmkatshimmm Member
edited February 2016 in Test Center Reviews 53 karma
Proctors: Two proctors onsite. The proctor in charge did not speak English well so it was a challenge to understand instructions which made the test takers uneasy. Also, he seemed new to the entire process so was not always sure about what he was saying. That said, both proctors were nice.

Facilities: Nice big building with plenty of room to hang out and even get food. Nice overall.

What kind of room: Small classroom were used. It was nice and clean.

How many in the room: Approx. 16 ppl per room with 2 proctors assigned to each room.

Desks: Small desks but enough room for test material and supplies. Did not negatively impact test experience.

Left-handed accommodation:Nope

Noise levels: Nice and quiet. No noise issue.

Parking: Plenty of complimentary parking on campus for visitors.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: Approx. 1 hour. They were running late with registration of the test takers. Did not get assigned to the room until around 9:30am. Was done with the test around 2:15pm.

Irregularities or mishaps: See above re: running late. Also, the ppl doing the registration were not sure which items were not allowed/allowed which took some time to sort out.

Other comments: I would not arrive early since there is significant wait time for registration and assignment to the test room.

Would you take the test here again? Yes. Campus is nice and big. Actual room for test was also nice and quiet. Proctors were nice as well.


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