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[Test Center Review] College of Lake County Southlake Campus, Vernon Hills, Il/USA

I don't even know where to start. The proctors were completely inexperienced and as that wasn't enough of a nightmare they were extremely rude to test takers. To be point of humiliating students in front of everyone in the class, making them feel horrible for walking in with labels on their water bottles (just really overusing their authority). They seemed very confused about every step from the time students were entering the room until the time the test was about to begin.

The facilities are alright. The test building is easy to find.

What kind of room:
Just a typical community college class room. Very small setting compare to other I have attended.

How many in the room:
Most 20 students each room. There were several rooms at this testing center.

You have to share the desk with another student. There is enough distance between sits, but can be quite distracting with you are a person that gets easily distracted.

Left-handed accommodation:
The desk works for both left and right handed people the same way.

Noise levels:
Very silent, especially since the room is so small.

Parking is okay, there is enough spaces for everyone.

Time elapsed from arrival to test:
One hour, seems like it is not that long, but the proctors make it so stressful that it seem like YEARS!

Irregularities or mishaps:
This test center is a NIGHTMARE. Like previously mention the proctors make the experience so stressful that you begin the test already feeling horrible about the experience. Unfortunately, the way people act towards me at the test center really impacts my overall experience, so this really ruined it for me. The proctors really abuse of their power, by making a big deal out of every little detail and they were calling out different things in front of the whole classroom making test takers feel really uncomfortable. I felt so humiliated that I went home and didn't finish my exam there, I tried to complain to the LSAC, but nothing was done about it. So, my advice, do NOT sign up for this test center.

Other comments:

Would you take the test here again?
NEVER AGAIN! I would rather drive 20 minutes to go take the test in Northwestern University (I had a great experience there).

Date[s] of Exam[s]:
December 5th, 2015
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