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[Test Center Review] Charlotte School of Law, Charlotte NC

kennedybjkennedybj Alum Member
Proctors: The proctors were absolutely terrible. They acted as if they had no clue as to what was going on. After the rules and everything else had been read, including the statement that you have to write. they admitted 2 people without reading the rules again. They did not check for phones, and several went off, mostly emergency weather alerts due to flooding in the area. During the break, one test taker asked if he could be given his test back, since he didn't bubble any of his answer choices due to the proctor not saying when 5 minutes were left. The proctors gave him his test book and answer sheet back for the entire break and let him work on it.

Very nice facilities. Very fancy.

What kind of room:

How many in the room:

Long table-like desks. Not individual desks but plenty of room

Left-handed accommodation:
Not necessary

Noise levels:
Due to the phone emergency alerts, noise level was high, as well as proctors just sitting there laughing and asking each other if they set the timer correctly.

Parking deck right across the street

Time elapsed from arrival to test:
1.5 hrs Super slow and annoying

Irregularities or mishaps:
Already mentioned

Other comments:
I filed an LSAC complaint. LSAC said the proctors denied any of this happening LOL

Would you take the test here again?
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