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[Test Center Review] University of DC Law School, Washington, DC, USA

morganbirckmorganbirck Alum Member
edited February 2016 in Test Center Reviews 6 karma
Proctors: The proctors were faculty and students at UDC law school and were relatively no-nonsense and once in the rooms, accommodated the best they could.

Facilities: lines for the bathroom were long, and there wasn't a lot of waiting room in the hallways

What kind of room: Lecture room, with the kind of long desks that wrap around the center of the room.

How many in the room: About 75

Desks: Long desks in rows

Left-handed accommodation: because of the long rows, no worries on being left-handed

Noise levels: Not bad once you were in the building.

Parking: Really easy, there was plenty of parking in the neighborhood right next to the building. A lot of people also metro-ed which is also easy as there's a metro station right across the street.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: A long time. We were told to arrive at least 45 minutes before the exam but it was at least an hour and a half until we actually started. The check in line to get into the rooms were really slow.

Irregularities or mishaps: During break, they had to take us down to the next floor (with supervision) because the lines for the bathroom were so long. Also, kids would leave to go to the bathroom right before a section/before the exam began. Not the proctors fault necessarily but it made the exam take that much longer which was really frustrating.

Other comments: Nothing, really. Not a bad place to take the exam, and much better than other places in the area from what I could tell from friends.

Would you take the test here again? Sure. As much as it was not a pleasant experience, that was much more about the actual exam than about the test center. The long desks were great--plenty of room to spread out!

Date[s] of Exam[s]: Oct 2015
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