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Not ready for the June LSAT. Withdrawing and taking the September one.

mzsheribaby2983mzsheribaby2983 Alum Member
edited April 2014 in General 58 karma
Life is stressful right now. I now I'm not ready for this life changing exam. I will continue this course and hope to get some tips and hints from you guys to help me for September


  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    Ya, take the test when you feel ready. Good luck!
  • laestelle2009laestelle2009 Alum Member
    96 karma
    I would say just take the June test!

    that way when it is time for you to take the September test, you will be super comfortable taking the test for a second time because you already know the testing conditions, you're privy to the newer changes on the test (we study old PTs), and you'll be more comfortable in your testing setting because you've been there before.

    there is no such thing as a "right time" (well at least in my mind) so there is no better time than the present. do what works for you though and good luck to you!
  • AlenaLSATAlenaLSAT Alum Member
    182 karma
    I was thinking about taking the test in September too, but I feel that I won't be able to take LSAT prep for much longer. My whole life is affected right now, I cannot work, spend much time with my family, or even think much about anything other then planktons, extinction of dinosaurs or rate of accidents on highways :)) I give bows to those who can take it for longer than about six months.
  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    Did you consider pushing off till September and allowing yourself a less intense study schedule?
  • ArchiebootsArchieboots Alum Member
    155 karma
    Hi mzsheribaby2983 - do you mind me asking what is your average score right now? What are your weaknesses? strengths?
  • mzsheribaby2983mzsheribaby2983 Alum Member
    58 karma
    I'm waiting because things are too stressful right now. I have a disabled husband is absent from the home for the next couple of months. I want to allow myself the time. I average 135. I took the LSAT five years ago so I know what to expect
  • ArchiebootsArchieboots Alum Member
    155 karma
    You are totally right. I postpone taking the LSAT myself when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, as I realized that you need to be 100% focused and prepared. Best of luck for everything!
  • AlenaLSATAlenaLSAT Alum Member
    edited April 2014 182 karma
    You definitely need to take care of your kid first of all. LSAT can wait. You need to have peace of mind and confidence to get a good score. I withdrew in February and forfeited the fee, but I don't regret it.
  • chinobonitochinobonito Member
    105 karma
    Hi mzsheribaby2983:

    I understand your situation, and I am going through a long term plan right now which I'd like to share with you hopefully this can help with your LSAT and home/life balance situation. Sounds like you don't have the time right now to study full time, therefore I would take the september one or maybe aim for the December one. This also really depends on when you started studying and also when you want to go to law school. If you are not studying full time, which is about 30 - 40 hours a week, then usually, in order to reach one's full maximum potential, I would suggest you study for a year. This time frame may sound ridiculous but this is what I am doing right now and honestly, LSAT is very hard, and it takes a lot to not only study and learn the LSAT logic, but also have your work/life balance at home with your family and friends. Also, don't rush it. LSAT and law school are career investments and are crucial steps in beginning and contributing toward one's career. You wont' want to start on a wobbly foot. If you just started to study now, and the last time you started to study was a few years ago like you mentioned in the earlier post, then I would at the soonest, take the Sept. test, if you aim to apply for the Fall/2015 law school. Some people may take sooner than others to study, some longer. So some may study for a little less than a year, some a little more. You understand yourself the most. If you want to apply for the Fall 2015 entrance, I would suggest you look up all the schools you are aiming for, and pick a range of schools based on your average PT scores when you take them in the near future, and check when is the last LSAT score these schools will acceps. For example, SMU and UT in Texas would accept Feb 2015 scores. Therefore, if one would want to apply to those schools, one would be in their best interest, to take Sept, December, and Feb (last resort) to reach their maximum potential and submit their apps by the deadline. Sometimes, one can submit their previous scores and add a note by saying they will take the Feb one (Or whichever is approaching their deadline or the last LSAT the school will accept) and will send the schools their score ASAP so please don't reject or make decision based solely on previous scores.. but of course, I would verify with admissions just to be safe.
    Hope this helps...good luck!

    Best Regards
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