PT4.S2.Q27 (P4) - french impressionism

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I chose B based on line 3~5 because I think it's the only part about "a book" mentioned in Q27, but the answer is E.
I read the passage twice again, but I still have no idea why B is wrong and E is the right answer.

Can anyone explain me? :(


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    I too missed this question. Once I eliminated every answer choice on my initial run-through, I was left scratching my head. But I think I know where you and I went wrong.

    First of all: the wrong answer choice that we picked: (B): The passage never mentions what Impressionists themselves thought. So this answer is absolutely unsupported, and we should cross it off immediately.

    Now on to (E). I (and maybe you did as well) thought, "The author never mentions aspects other than Impressionists' style and how important they are, so this answer is wrong".

    But the passage DOES- in a subtle way- mention aspects other than Impressionists' style and how important it is. In the last lines of the passage, the author says that Impressionist paintings have two levels of subject: what is represented and how it is represented, and that they are both important (the author says this by saying that "no art historian can afford to emphasize one at the expense of the other"). Thus, answer choice (E) is supported by the passage.
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