PT62.S2.Q17 - never sacrifice one's health

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I feel like i am almost there with S.A. questions.
Thank you J.Y.!
But I had some major problems diagraming the conclusion of this question.
Can someone please help?

Premise: For W/O health, happiness is not obtainable. Lawgic translation: negate sufficient
Conclusion: One should never sacrifice ones health in order to acquire money …. ?!?!?!

thats as far as i got with this question.
Please help!
Thank you in advance!


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    I don't have access to the question, so I'm not sure I have enough information. But as for diagramming:

    "For without health, happiness is not obtainable."

    No health -> No happiness

    or the contrapositive:

    If I'm happy -> I must be healthy

    The conclusion in your post does not really lend itself to diagramming. I can take a look at the entire question if you'd like, but I'd need you to message me the details of the question.
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    Oh hi!
    I have all the reasoning down and i know exactly what the question entails, i just really wanted to know if there was a way to diagram that statement and i was missing it?

    Thank you though!! :)
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