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General rule: If a sub category has only one in/out spot, split the game board based on filling that spot, no matter how many worlds comes out of it most probably solve the game or reveal a huge inference.

Context Info: I got serious problem with In/Out game with sub-categories and freeze when I see one so I try to come up with general rules to apply in case I freeze. I would be grateful if you could give me some feedback and tell me what do you think about the rule. If you can think of a game that this rule does not apply to it please mention in comment so I can redo the game.


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    I think that’s a good general rule. Check out PT 24 Game 4, great application of this. It’s not how JY does it, but by splitting into three boards based on the second rule which does exactly what you’re talking about, this game was a breeze.
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    @"Cant Get Right" thanks for mentioning the game, I just did that game a week ago and regret it why I did not split based on each of M,N,O in.
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    Yes! Usually the rules are such that one of the big inferences (and one likely to miss otherwise) is that you'll end up with one of the elements in that subcategory having to always be "in" (because they usually add some sort of "not both" rule). And they will ask about it at least once, possibly multiple times.
    The game mentioned was exactly the mirror image (same principle, but only one allowed in instead of only one allowed out). Sure enough, there was one dietary supplement that was always forced out (N) and knowing that upfront would have eliminated most of the answer choices for at least 2-3 questions.
    Splitting is the fastest, easiest way to see these kinds of inferences, so great job figuring it out and sharing for others to be aware of!
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    @runiggyrun thanks for detail explanation I saw this happen in the PT 26 game 4 with a sub-category that have one out spot only V,Z,Y and Z is always in and by splitting the game board based on V,Z,Y the game is solved completely.
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