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Saw a 6pt increase in my score, but RC is killing my score severely.

kmarie7kmarie7 Alum Member
I just started 7sage course last week. I took the June 2007 prep test, and saw a 6pt increase from my diagnostic and 9pt increase on BR. The one thing that is KILLING my score is RC. I get anywhere from -10 to even -15. JUST AWFUL. I was wondering has 7sage helped anyone with RC. I need a dramatic increase. Also, if you have any advice or tips that have worked for you please share. Thank you!


  • Ron SwansonRon Swanson Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    edited June 2016 1650 karma
    Personal opinion, but while 7sage is helpful for RC, pure practice is where the bulk of your gains will come because you get used to reading for structure/begin recognizing the task associated with different question types. You'll also develop a feel for timing.

    Definitely get a copy of the LSAT trainer by Mike Kim. It's an excellent resource for RC.

    Final note, I think 7sage is in the process (or almost done) developing some new RC cirriculum but maybe @"Nicole Hopkins" could shed some light on that
  • OnionKeeperOnionKeeper Alum Member
    65 karma
    I score highest on RC, missing 4 at most on PT. What's helping me stay engaged reading is visualizing the passage as comic strip/visual timeline. Don't fell the need to burn through the passage, that was my first thing I had to let go. Just read and remember it using whatever method, do notations if it helps (Nicole's Webinar helped with this). Then after each passage, I just write down a line or two of summary and highlights. At the end I take a moment to myself and think about the passage, looking over what I circled and notes, and briefly retell it to myself. With practice you'll get faster, hope this helps some.
  • dcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcdc Alum Member
    382 karma
    I second @"Ron Swanson" on the LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim. I started there before digging into the RC curriculum in 7Sage because of other posts I came across on the forum. I think the Trainer does an excellent job of breaking down reasoning structure and discussing what is really being tested. The chapter dealing with specific question types is useful, but the strategies are repetitive and I think you just need a familiarity with the variety and not a deep understanding of each one.

    The memory method approach to the passages is also a great place to start once you have an understanding of the reasoning structure. I've adjusted the memory method a bit to rely less on written short specific summaries, but the overall approach of identifying main points, author opinion and a general narrative at the end are very useful.
  • kmarie7kmarie7 Alum Member
    208 karma
    How would you suggest using the trainer in addition to 7sage?
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    @kmarie7 Complete one, then start the other. Don't try to bounce between the 7Sage curiculum and The Trainer. Personally, I used one as my primary source of study (7Sage) and used the other to supplement my primary source (Trainer).
  • AddistotleAddistotle Member
    328 karma
    Watching JY break down passages has really helped me. He always asks questions, figures out the MP of each paragraph, and pushes back the information in the passage.

    Understanding each paragraph and how it relates to the others is crucial, notice whenever there's a theme being carried throughout and start pushing back that information! I just had my best RC section ever because I sat back, digested the passage in roughly 4.5 mins, and burned through questions because I understood what the passage was all about!
    @"Ron Swanson" said:
    pure practice is where the bulk of your gains will come
    This. GAINS! You have to put in the work before you really see the improvement... I can remember watching the last FIFA World Cup and Neymar had just displayed some amazing touch on the ball and the commentators were breaking down this study that had been conducted on him. Essentially, the speed and accuracy of his skills came down to how much practice he'd put in, this had become second nature, he trained himself to the point where his body did it so quickly, it wasn't physically possible for him to be thinking about it.

    Increasing the # of passages you've done whilst copying JY's & Nicole's methods (pushing back, find MP, annotation, ask questions, feign interest) will eventually reward you with a decrease in mistakes once you've mastered the art of RC.
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