PT5.S3.Q18 - dr. schilling: those who advocate replacing my

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Why is (A) right and not (D)? I cannot for the life of me figure this out


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    D is not a claim that either of them agree with. Dr. L says they have equal access, not that they are guaranteed the lifesaving treatment. Dr. S the life saving procedures are rationed.

    A is something that Dr S would agree (people should not be denied to treatments they want and need) with and something that Dr L would disagree with (everyone should have equal access to health care)
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    Thanks a lot for your response! Big help. Upon review I think I know why (D) is wrong.

    (D) Seems to be unique to Dr. S's argument and therefore cannot be a point of disagreement between the two. Dr S contends that since familiar life saving procedures is rationed, people who want and need it are denied access to it. This clearly contradicts (D). However, Dr. L doesn't discuss this, rather he merely says that people have equal access to such procedures, not that they are guaranteed access to it, big difference. I was making the assumption that equal access equated to being guaranteed access to it. Theoretically life saving medical procedures could be preclusive to countries with nationalized health care systems in which case all of its citizens would have no i.e, equal access to such procedures.

    (A) I'm still having trouble confirming (A) as the correct answer. We know that Dr. S thinks that people's rights are violated when they are denied access to the medical procedures they want and need. But how do we know that he thinks people's rights are violated MORE when people are denied access to to available medical treatment because of noneconomic reasons (rationing of treatments), to be this seems like an invalid inference. Similarly we know that Dr. L thinks that some people's rights to medical treatment are violated in private health care systems because they do not have equal access, since poor people can't afford access. However do we know he/she thinks that people rights are violated MORE when they are denied access to healthcare due to economic reasons (can't afford it) ?

    I mean this is just arguing the degree to which rights are violated in each context which neither seems to discuss.
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    Thank you for the explanation.

    Btw, I am confused with the question stem.
    Does it mean to select the answer which both Dr. disagree with?.

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    No, it is a method of reasoning question so you're looking for answer that explains Dr.L's argument strategy in response to Dr.S.

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    (Nvm I was thinking of question 19^)

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