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Starting form the last passage

enigmiaticenigmiatic Alum Member
edited May 2014 in Reading Comprehension 4 karma
Has anyone tried this before? I plan on doing it on the PT I take tomorrow and I feel like it could be a legitimate strategy. My RC is consistently my most weakest section, usually 5 min is called as i begin the last passage and the last passage is just about always stacked in regards to the number of questions and the degree of difficulty. This leaves me with precious little time to get through a difficult passage that carries with it a lot of points. At the same time I've noticed that the first passage is consistently the easiest, in terms of structure and content, and is usually accompanied with fewer questions. So my thinking is that I'll be pressed for time right at the end with (hopefully) an easier passage in front of me carrying with it less weight (number of questions).

Has anyone tried this approach before? If so, what did you think?


  • wendelsr-1wendelsr-1 Alum Member
    111 karma
    For me the subject matter carries more weight in difficulty. If I see one that has to do with science related article I usually do those last because its usually harder for me to follow. I do the english, humanities, arts, and econ ones first. I find this works best for me. You can also use the LSAT analytic tool on this site to figure out what your problem areas are by subject.

    I think you're right to not go in the strict order given, but if you do as you say and start in the back (with your worst passage) then you may end up starting on the easiest passage with only 5 minutes left (losing possible points on your best passage,) or even not getting to the first passage because you need to spend so much more time on reading and understanding the harder passages. I think you may see a better pay off by improving your reading speed for the first three passages and gaining some time to answer the last passage.

    The points are all the same regardless of difficulty of passage or its placement. What you're doing seems counter intuitive to me.
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