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Take June and likely cancel score or don't take test until Sept.?

ande1552ande1552 Alum Member
edited June 2014 in General 10 karma
I have been studying by myself and my LSAT goal was a low 160s. I scored a 156 then 155 then another 155 and sense then my scores haven't been higher than 152... I know I can't get a refund and my game plan is to sign up here at 7sage to prepare for the next LSAT. Anyways this leads to the question is it better to not take the June test at all? Or should I give it a shot to get a feel for the test? Maybe if I feel confident and think I scored in the mid 150s I don't cancel my test score and I have that score in my pocket. You guys and girls here seem to know this test better than any other place on the internet. What do you think?


  • alexanderalexander Alum Member
    81 karma
    I think conventional wisdom is that don't take the test until you feel you are ready, since you only have 3 chances to take the test.
  • ande1552ande1552 Alum Member
    10 karma
    And a cancel would count as one of my 3 chances?
  • laestelle2009laestelle2009 Alum Member
    edited December 2015 96 karma
    i would prefer to take the test once and be done with it. but like you i am not confident on how i will perform on the test come test day. test anxiety is real. i did some research and came across these articles:

    i also emailed my top schools, and asked them how they feel about retakes. i read on the admission ticket that canceled scores do count toward the 3 test takes in 2 years thing. so in my mind you might as well keep the score. currently, i am doing my best to continue to improve my scores and if i do not like the score i receive i will be doing the September retake. best of luck to you!
  • ande1552ande1552 Alum Member
    10 karma
    Wow that was very detailed school by school breakdown. Thank you very much!
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