PT71.S1.Q24 - pediatrician: swollen tonsils give rise

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I can't understand why answer choice 'B' is incorrect! Need some help!

The flaw of the argument is that it assumes there is no other reason that a child could have sleeping problems. Thus the conclusion that "removing the tonsils eliminates sleeping problems" rests on this assumption.

Answer choice 'E' is exactly that.

On second look however answer choice 'B' is exactly that as well.

The argument certainly relies on the assumption that there is (no other reason a child could have sleeping problems) than from the tonsils which is "tantamount to making the conclusion true." Answer choice 'B' even matches up 100% with my explanation!

What's more is that answer E and B when compared to each other support each other as well. Example:

"(B)relies on the assumption" that there "(E)is no other cause for sleeping problems during sleep"

Have looked all over but I can't find any explanation on this. Thanks for any help in advance.


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    @LSATKingsman said:
    "(B)relies on the assumption" that there "(E)is no other cause for sleeping problems during sleep"
    Well, B relies on an assumption that basically assumes the conclusion is already true. The conclusion is that removing tonsils will ensure no breathing problems. Answer choice E may make that conclusion seem almost inevitable, but it is distinct from the conclusion.
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    As JY says: (E) explains the logical error committed as a lack of consideration for all the other ways children may experience breathing problems during sleep. Even if removing tonsils is a good way to aid against such problems you still have other ways lingering out there that could produce these problems such as Parents suffocating their kids, mold, smoke.."ensuring" they won't have "any" problems is way to far a conclusion to follow from the premise that there is "a" way to help them.
    ac (B) is saying it's a circular argument which is a whole different bowl of wax. Example:'President Reagan was a great communicator because he had the knack of talking effectively to the people.'
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    From 7sage course:
    "Circular reasoning
    Assuming what you’re trying to prove. The premise is a mere restatement of the conclusion."

    “Everything I say is true. This is true because I said it, and everything I say is true.”
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